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Play with Balloon

A small physics-based balloon simulation game, where you play with balloons and sell them to customers. Yay! · By Babipoki


Recent updates

Patch 1.3
- Added a shoe tool. Left click to kick the balloon gently and right click to kick it harder >:O - Fixed inability to pop the balloon with a pushpin if the ball...
Patch 1.2
- Changed reset level key to L. It was conflicting with the new hard-kick keybind. - Added a pushpin. Choose between selection and pin tools by scrolling down/u...
Patch 1.1
- Fixed CPU usage issue; - Added additional QWERTY/Z controls for laptop users; - Moved controls screen; - Added 1 new print...
Patch 1.0: Update of the Ancients
Hello! I bring to you the 1.0 version. Why 1.0? Why not 0.10? Why not? :D It seems like a big enough update to account for a playable game. :] Fixed shard physi...
V0.8 and V0.9 Changelog
Hello! Here's the changelog for the last two updates: 0.8: Virtual Update Made the game UI fit better for more resolutions Balloon price now depends on online m...
Finally on!
Oof! The game is finally on available for everyone to download. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoy working on it. So far been working on it...
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